Things We Like: Red Wing Heritage Boots

August 17, 2016

Things We Like:  Red Wing Heritage Boots

Every once in a while I like to share about another brand that I’m totally impressed with. After all, we only make shirts and hats…for now.

With fall in the air (kind of, it’s still pretty hot in Denver but I’m hopeful), my mind turns to boots. Specifically Red Wing Heritage boots. Red Wing has been cranking out the highest quality boots in Red Wing, Minnesota for over 100 years. The heritage collection is their more casual, lifestyle collection based on designs from their early years. But don’t be fooled by the words casual or lifestyle, these boots can handle anything you throw at them.

SB Foot Tanning Company

What separates these boots from the rest is how they’re made.   Red Wing is committed to durability and quality at every stop of the manufacturing process. They use the highest quality leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company (which they also own). All heritage boots are sewn using the old school Puritan sewing machines first patented in the 1860’s. Many of the machines in use today date back to the 1920’s and they provide Red Wing’s tough triple-stitched seams. Red Wing treats its employees right. You can feel the dedication and passion in the end product; many of the people making the boots have been working there for decades.

Like any quality product designed to last a long time, there is a break in period. Just like our hemp shirts or quality denim. I can tell you first hand, the blisters and discomfort during the first few weeks are well worth it.   Once they break in and the leather softens up, these boots are truly your own.  The leather forms beautiful creases where your foot bends, and the cork foot bed molds perfectly to your foot shape.  (My Iron Rangers and my roommates Classic Mocs are pictured below)

Red Wing Iron Rangers

They come with a steep price tag ($260-$350), but remember you’re going to have these boots for a long, long time. Red Wing will resole your boots whenever you need them to. My roommate just had his resoled for the first time in 5 years and they look brand new again. The fact that they offer resoling shows how committed they are to quality and durability.   Remember to oil from time to time and the leather will continue to soften and look great. That price doesn’t seem so high when you remember that these boots will last well over 10 years. So I think Red Wing is right in line with our goal to make sustainable, durable, versatile products using responsible manufacturing and I wear mine proudly!

Written by Kyle Barrett, Founder & CEO of Bighorn 

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