The November Readable: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

November 21, 2016

The November Readable:  Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

This is without a doubt one of the best biographies I have ever read. Tour de force! I know at first glance an 800-page biography of one of the founding fathers can seem daunting, but trust me it’s worth it. In fact, this one is a real page-turner. Did part of my inspiration to read this book come from the catchy show tunes of the Broadway smash hit Hamilton? OK yes but so what! This is the same book that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the play in the first place.

As for the man himself, Hamilton shows an unmatched drive that quickly propels him from hopeless orphan and immigrant, to George Washington’s best Colonel in the Revolutionary War, to Constitution signer and first Treasury Secretary of the new United States. His deep influence on our government structure is still very visible today, and it can be argued he had more influence than any of the founding fathers on structuring our government and economic policies. 

Alexander Hamilton Ron Chernow

Like so many great men, Hamilton had his shortcomings. A weakness for women being one of them, he became the first American politician to be involved in a national sex scandal. He was also so defensive of his hard-earned reputation that when attacked he could not help but defend himself at any cost. His weapon of choice was words, and no one could beat him on that front. But when the situation escalated beyond words, he turned to violence to defend his honor in one of the most unfortunate and debated duels in American history.

Ron Chernow does the man justice, and truly brings him to life in the pages of this book. Not only that, but he does an incredible job of illustrating the United States during this epic period. And considering our current slandering political climate, it’s impossible to read this book without drawing so many parallels. The relevance is uncanny.  I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone looking to learn more about the forming of our incredible country and one of the men who was an essential piece to making it happen.

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Written by Kyle Barrett, Founder & CEO of Bighorn 

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