The January Readable - The Elements of Pizza by Ken Forkish

January 25, 2017

The January Readable - The Elements of Pizza by Ken Forkish

It’s been a very strange month. There’s a lot of tension and division as we transition with our government. However, there is one thing we can all agree on: pizza is the best.

One of my favorite books last year was Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast by Ken Forkish. Ken is a Silicon Valley tech star turned Portland baker. His first book taught me how to make fantastic, rustic bread at home and I am forever thankful for this. I will never fall victim to store-bought bread again. Sure, maybe I’ve become a bread snob.


As a follow up, Ken wrote The Elements of Pizza. My amateur baker friends and I referred to his first book as the bread baking Bible. The Elements of Pizza is absolutely the pizza making Bible. The first third of the book is the history and geographical origins of various types of pizza, the middle portion contains all the methodology and tips you need to make all those different types of pizza, and the last part includes for a wide variety of different pies.

NY Style

I’ve already successfully made a bunch of the recipes in this book. It’s a blast experimenting with different doughs, toppings and baking techniques. Each pie is a fun and delicious experiment. Pizza brings joy, especially when you make it yourself!

Pan Pizza

It will take a little practice to master these techniques, but keep in mind you’d have to really make an effort to make bad pizza. Pick this one up, your friends and family will thank you for it. (I’m proud to say, all pictures are my own: Skillet, Neapolitan, Pan & NY style, in that order)

Written by Kyle Barrett, Founder of Bighorn Apparel

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