The April Readable – Merchants of Doubt

July 10, 2017

The April Readable – Merchants of Doubt

A large part of our government and population still rejects that climate change is happening, and that humans are the primary contributor to the change. To many, myself included, this is completely shocking.   I have a hard time grasping many science concepts, but I have never doubted the great science community. And unless you are a scientist studying the material yourself, I don’t think anyone has a place to reject overwhelming majority when it comes to science.

Merchants of Doubt helped me understand the disconnect between scientific results and acceptance of these results. Basically, a handful of scientists have found ways to cast doubt on the research showing smoking is bad for your health, acid rain was caused by man, zone holes, and climate change. The shocking part was that it was the SAME handful of scientists who were casting doubt for each of these issues.

Merchants of Doubt

On close examination, it was obvious these scientists were compromised. Whether they were linked to pro-job republicans or paid by cigarette and oil companies, they had plenty of motivation to keep the public thinking these issues were debatable, when they were not. It’s an alarming read, but at the same time no surprise. We know the facts, now it’s time to listen to the overwhelming consensus among the good, uncompromised scientists, and act.  Available here on Amazon

Written by Kyle Barrett, Founder of Bighorn 

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